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Qaröma's Methyl Anthranilate-Hydroxycitronellal is perhaps the best-known Schiff base and is extensively used in a large variety of floral notes such as orange-blossom, linden-blossom, and tuberose. Used in citrus cologne types, it acts as an excellent fixative as well as exalting the top notes. It gives an oriental character when used in amber and chypre compositions and blends particularly well with macrocyclic musks.
Methylanthranilate/Hydroxycitronellal is a chemical compound that belongs to the group of aromatic alcohols. It is commonly used in the fragrance industry due to its pleasant, fruity odor reminiscent of oranges. Methylanthranilate/Hydroxycitronellal is known for its citrusy, sweet, and tropical notes, making it a popular choice in perfumes, body care products, and air fresheners.
SAFETY DATA SHEET Methyl Anthranilate-Hydroxycitronellal - a document that provides detailed information about the hazards, handling, storage, and disposal of Methyl Anthranilate-Hydroxycitronellal.

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